Friday, 24 March 2017 12:11

Promises thrown to the wind after Holocaust Memorial Day remained unfulfilled

Despite the promises: the Holocaust survivor died in shameful poverty

Esther Frank, heroine of the movie the morality of payments, passed away at her house, destitute. 

The state of Israel keeps ignoring from the suffering of thousands of holocaust survivors who live in our neighbourhoods, some of them beneath the poverty line. In the meantime, 30 of them die each day.

Esther Frank passed away last week, destitute. After surviving the hell of the holocaust, Esther gave in to the inflexibility of Israeli society and the false promises of her government. Each day 30 Holocaust survivors die, some of them in shameful poverty, but the emergency plan to care for them is still delayed.

Esther, who survived Trizenshtat and left Auschwitz, was defeated at the hands of her own people country of Jews. For five years, Esther hasn’t left her house, and at the age of 88 had to sit entire days without moving, only because she didn’t have anyone to help her walk. Help is money, and that’s something a holocaust survivor dosen’t have, since he supports himself from a pitiable pension of the Israeli government – 2,000 Shekels (ca. $480) a month.

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